Collaborative Research Center (SFB) 677 - Function by Switching

SFB Graduate School and SFB Project Meeting

August 2013

International Conference ISOP 2013 co-hosted by SFB 677

For more information see the conference website.

The ISOP series is a string of triannual events that are hosted on different continents and showcase the breadth of research on (organic) photochromism. After the very successful last two symposia 2007 in Vancouver and 2010 in Yokohama, this upcoming event in Berlin (September 23-26) will carry on the tradition and highlight the most recent results and trends in the burgeoning area of photochromism research.

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The symposium will gather the world’s leading experts in the field and cover all aspects from the design of photochromic molecular systems all the way to their utilization in photoactive materials and photoswitchable biological tools. The symposium will be completed by a one-day meeting of the PHENICS network, to further strengthen the international collaboration on this topic and provide an additional opportunity especially to young researchers to present their research.