Collaborative Research Center (SFB) 677 - Function by Switching

C09: Multifunctional Photoswitchable Polymer Fibers (2011 - 2015)


In this project the interaction between chromophors and polymers will be investigated and employed to achieve light-switchable polarities, wettabilities, biocompatibilites as well as elasticity moduli of polymer fibers also on surfaces. Nondirectional as well as oriented polymer fibers of various sizes (nm to µm) and morphologies are prepared by electrospinning and investigated regarding their application as isotropic / anisotropic multifunctional devices (i.e. actuators and sensors). The physicochemical properties (thermal and mechanical, among other things) of fiber bundles as well as their inner structure will be explored using nanoindentation and micro / nano XRD.

Project Graphical Abstract