Collaborative Research Center (SFB) 677 - Function by Switching

B12: Active Plasmonics with Switchable Dielectric Materials (since 2015)


In project B12 switchable dielectrics based on photochromic molecules will be used to manipulate the plasmonic reponse of metal-dielectric interfaces in a defined and reversible manner. The ultimate goal is the realization of a plasmonic operation device with a functionality that is remotely controlled by an optical stimulus. Preliminary work will involve the development and characterization of switchable sub-units for steering surface plasmon polaritons, such as lenses, waveguides and beam-splitters. Time-resolved photoemission electron-microscopy will be used for a comprehensive characterization of the plasmonic systems on ┬Ám length- and femtosecond timescales.

Project Graphical Abstract