Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 677 - Function by Switching
Integrated Research Training Group


The Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) offers a versatile program for scientists of the CRC 677 to support their subject-specific as well as their interdisciplinary education. The aim is to support each PhD-student individually and at its best corresponding to the stage of the scientific work.

The IRTG study program comprises summer schools, lectures, and discussion groups. To complement these, the IRTG organizes a guest scientist and scholarship program and offers soft skill courses in cooperation with the Graduate Center of Kiel University. Finally, the IRTG performs quality management and documents the graduate students' education and their scientific progress.

The IRTG is subject to the conception “From doc. researchers to doc. researchers”. Therefore the IRTG is organized in a fixed framework, in order to preserve the representation of interests and influence of the doctoral researchers.