European Symposium on Organic Reactivity
August 30 - September 04, 2015

Travel Information

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How to get to Kiel

Kiel is located at the Baltic Sea Coast about 100 km north of Hamburg, Germany's second-largest city.
You can travel to Kiel:

• by train:
There is a frequent train service from many destinations to Kiel central station operated by Deutsche Bahn.

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• by plane:
The nearest international airport is located in Hamburg. There is an hourly bus service ("Kielius") from Hamburg airport to Kiel central station as well a regular minibus service ("Kiel-Exx") which can take you to any destination within the city.

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get timetable information for Kiel-Exx minibus service (page in German)

KielExx info and timetable:

bus stop: between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 (take the exit next to the Metropolitan Pharmacy and wait at the curb). It takes about an hour to get to Kiel. The driver will ask you for your destination and will drop you directly in front of your hotel or at the conference venue. You may have to change to a taxi in Kiel to get to your final destination but this is included in the price (€ 35).

timetable (Sundays, no bus before 14:00)

departure (airport) arrival (Kiel)
14:15 15:20
14:45 15:50
15:15 16:20
15:45 16:50
16:15 17:20
17:45 18:50
18:15 19:20
every 30 Min
21:15 22:20
21:50 22:55
22:20 23:25
23:20 00:25

If you arrive at a Saturday or Sunday morning, you have to use the Kielius (large bus).

• by bus:
There are regular bus connections from Kiel to various cities all over Germany.

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• by ferry:
The port of Kiel is located in the city center. There are daily overnight connections to Oslo (Norway), Gothenburg (Sweden) and Klaipeda (Lithuania).

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get information on DFDS Seaways to Klaipeda

• by car:
Kiel is connected to the German highway / autobahn network (A7 / A215 / A210).
Driving distances to various cities:

How to get from your hotel to the venue

There is a frequent regular bus service between Kiel central station and the university. Buses leave approximately every 5 to 10 minutes, taking about 20 minutes to the destination. You can use any of the following bus lines: 60S (express service), 61, 62, 81, 91 or 92. Buses are operated by KVG.

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